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Offering Pet Dental Care in South Calgary

Dental disease is as serious in animals as it is in humans and is the most common health problem for pets. Oral disease begins when plaque forms on your pet's teeth. If not removed, the plaque will harden into tartar. This tartar builds up below the gum line, causing gingivitis, and gradually worsens into tooth decay and loss. If left untreated, it often spreads throughout the bloodstream and causes disease of the heart, liver, and kidney.

The experienced pet veterinarians at Silverado Veterinary Hospital offer pet dental services in south Calgary to help them maintain healthy, happy mouths. Regular dental exams and teeth cleanings, in addition to regular in-home cleaning, will dramatically improve your pet’s health! It is important to bring your pet in for regular dental exams and cleaning in order to prevent this disease. Please speak to us to book an appointment.

Signs of Oral Disease in Pets


Your pet’s dental health is very important. Bring them to us if you see the following signs of oral disease in your furry friends:

  • Inappetence

  • Eating without chewing

  • Weight loss

  • Bad breath

Common Pet Dental Services


Providing your canine and feline friends with good pet care is extremely important to ensure a long and healthy life for them. Apart from keeping them safe from diseases, we give equal importance to offering pet dental care services in south Calgary. You can visit our veterinary clinic for the following dental services:

  • Dental exams: We offer oral examinations to check for any periodontal disease or dental abnormalities. Based on the results of the examination, we curate a detailed treatment plan. Our team also offers personalized consultation and dental care tips.

  • Teeth cleaning: We clean your pet’s teeth to remove disease-causing agents. A thorough cleaning service includes:

  • Dental scaling: This is done using ultrasonic scalers and involves scaling around the gum line of the pet to remove tartar and plaque.

  • Polishing: Polishing not only makes your pet’s teeth whiter but also smoothens the enamel to keep bacteria away.

  • Extractions: Tooth extraction may be required if your pet has a fractured, infected, or deciduous tooth, oral tumour, or periodontal disease. We offer tooth extractions and related oral surgeries to improve your pet’s dental health.

  • General dental services: Apart from the above, we can offer general services like taking digital X-rays or providing anesthesia for dental procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions


The following are some commonly asked questions about pet dental services:


Does My Pet Need Treatment if He/She Has a Broken Tooth?

To be safe, we would advise you to bring your pet to us and let our pet dentists take a look at the broken tooth in order to ensure that the area can not become a breeding ground for tooth infection. 


What Diseases Does My Pet Need Regular Checkups For?

We advise you to get your pet regularly checked for periodontal disease, which is a common disease found in pets today, and for gingivitis, which is the first stage of periodontal disease.

What Option Does My Pet Have Other Than Tooth Extraction?

While some procedures like root canal treatment and crown restoration are available, they can not be performed on all pets and in all conditions. Thus, tooth extraction often ends up being the most feasible and promising solution.


Do You Take Insurance Claims or Offer Financial Support for Dental Treatments?

Please visit our Insurance and financing page for more details on this.

Visit Us Today!


If you don’t want to subject your pets to the dangers of poor dental hygiene, bring them to us today. We will make sure that their oral health is maintained properly with our pet dental services in south Calgary.


They took amazing care of my cat Ella

- Chantal R.

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