Affordable Cat Vet Services in South Calgary

There’s no denying that most of us feel more relaxed and satisfied in the company of our pet cats. They give you a reason to look forward to each day with their cuddles and ecstatic faces. Having a cat or a dog as a pet shows how much our furry friends can care for us. That is why we, as cat parents need to care for them.

Silverado Veterinary Hospital knows how to treat your pet like its own. All of our team members treat your pet cat as our family member. Our cat vet in South Calgary offers a wide array of cat vet services revolving around your cats' medical, diagnostic, surgical, and preventative healthcare.

Our passion and commitment to treating various medical conditions of pets make our clinic a trusted one. Reach out to us today if you’re looking for more information.

Getting Your Cat Prepared for the Treatment

When you visit our cat vet in South Calgary, Silverado Veterinary Hospital’s cordial and helpful staff offers you and your pet a warm welcome and assists you from the start to the end. We start by prepping your cat for the medical procedure by caressing and patting them. Whether it is administering vaccinations, grooming, spaying, or dental care - we ensure to keep the atmosphere warm and comforting. Rest assured, your pet is in the safest hands with us!

Offering Comprehensive Cat Vet Services

At Silverado Veterinary Hospital, we know and understand that your cat means the world to you and that it deserves to get the best possible care available. That is precisely what our team aims to do. With our comprehensive and optimum cat vet services in South Calgary, we make sure your cat leaves in a better condition.

Our exhaustive list of pet care services includes medical check-ups, wellness exams, vaccinations, routine surgeries, dental procedures, etc. If you have a senior cat suffering from a disease, in that case, we offer you practical solutions for its diet and behavioural changes to ensure it stays healthy for the remainder of its life.

If you need additional information on our cat vet procedures in South Calgary, spare some time to read our blogs featuring the latest industry trends and insights.

Affordable Cat Dental Services in South Calgary

Maintaining the oral health of your cat is extremely important as ignoring it can lead to serious diseases. Our team of experienced veterinary dentists have the expertise and the equipment necessary to ensure good oral hygiene for your feline companions at an affordable cost. We offer common dental services such as cleaning and extractions using safe methods that won’t cause any distress to your cats. To know more about our affordable dental care services for your cat, give us a call.

Emergency Cat Vet Care in South Calgary

As experienced veterinarians offering quality cat vet care in South Calgary, we understand that pet parents can face an emergency anytime. It can sometimes happen that your cat may require urgent care as it may have ingested an unwanted material, is feeling unwell or is injured. Our professional and skilled team at Silverado Veterinary Hospital has years of experience managing pet emergencies and providing exceptional recovery treatment for your cats.

In case your pet’s emergency demands you to look for financing options, our support staff also offers financial support options so that you don’t have to worry about managing your finances.

Why Choose Silverado Veterinary Hospital for Your Cat’s Care?

At Silverado Veterinary Hospital, our cat vet in South Calgary is ever-committed to providing your cats with the most affordable and quality veterinary care. Whether it is just a simple routine checkup or a diagnostic for your pet, we ensure that quality treatment is equally offered in big and small medical procedures. Since we believe in keeping your pet healthy and happy always, you can select from our complete range of preventative care services for your cat.

Furthermore, we allow for emergency walk-ins during our clinic hours if your cat faces an emergency and requires urgent medical attention. This does not mean we charge excessively for taking care of your cats or dogs. Our treatments are offered at extremely competitive prices in a family-friendly environment by our skilled and fully-licensed staff.

Our veterinarians are trained in presenting custom solutions for your pet’s medical problems. Book an appointment with us today!

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