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Common Dog Skin Problems and What to Do?

Were you aware that 35% of households in Canada own at least one dog? When it comes to pet care, there are all kinds of things pet owners have to do to keep their beloved friends well. One aspect of dog health that requires attention is the condition of their skin. There are all sorts of things that can sabotage your dog's skin wellness. Every pet owner should know the most common dog skin problems in Calgary. Knowing when it's time to book a vet visit will keep your pup in top condition as they deserve.


Flea Infestations


One of the most frequent dog skin conditions is flea infestations. Fleas are tiny parasites that thrive on a dog's blood, causing intense itching and skin irritation. A pet with fleas will gnaw, scratch, and lick their skin a lot.


To address this issue, consult your veterinarian immediately to discuss appropriate flea treatment options. This could include topical medications or oral preventatives. Regular grooming and keeping your dog's living areas clean can also help prevent future infestations.




You might be shocked to know that your dog can get allergies as well. This could appear as skin rashes, redness, itchiness, and even ear infections. Identifying the allergen can be tricky. Common culprits include certain foods, pollen, dust mites, or environmental factors. It's paramount to seek veterinary care for proper allergy diagnosis and treatment. Your vet may recommend dietary changes, hypoallergenic shampoos, or medications to alleviate the symptoms.


Hot Spots


This condition is localised areas of inflamed, infected skin that can be quite painful for dogs. These spots often occur due to excessive licking, scratching, or biting. This creates a moist environment that's perfect for bacterial growth. To treat hot spots, your veterinarian may need to shave the affected area to keep it clean and dry. They might also prescribe antibiotics or topical creams to help heal the infection.


Dry Skin


Dry skin is another one of the leading dog skin problems. Causes can include harsh weather conditions, poor diet, or bathing with the wrong products. To combat dry skin, ensure your dog receives a balanced diet with essential fatty acids. Use dog-specific moisturising products as well. Try to avoid excessive dog bathing to help maintain proper skin hydration.




Ringworm is a super contagious fungal infection that can even impact humans. Ringworm appears as circular, red, and scaly patches on the skin, and it can be itchy for your furry friend. Seek veterinary care right away if you think your dog has ringworm to prevent its spread and receive appropriate antifungal treatment.




This pet health condition occurs when mites burrow into a dog's skin, leading to severe itching and hair loss. Mange requires veterinary care for diagnosis and treatment. This may include medicated shampoos, oral medications, or topical ointments.


Do You Need Help With These Dog Skin Problems in Calgary?


Taking care of your dog's skin is an essential aspect of their wellness. Getting help for these dog skin problems in Calgary will keep your friend vibrant for many years. Dogs deserve the greatest care possible. Visit Silverado Veterinary Hospital for all of your pet's needs.

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