While you may not see it, there's a pet homelessness problem in Canada and all over the world. If you spay neuter your pet, then you can help slow this cycle. Not only that, by spaying and neutering your pet in South Calgary, your pet can live a longer, healthier life. We're diving into things deeper below.

The Homeless Pet Epidemic in Canada

While we've domesticated our own animals and watched them live happily indoors with us, cats and dogs are still wild at heart. Their DNA and instincts tell them to breed whenever they're of age and in heat. Some people believe it’s not our job to police these natural instincts. However, these homeless pets pose safety threats to domesticated animals and, occasionally, humans. They also use valuable resources that humane societies and other rescue operations need to serve their already-overflowing shelters. One female cat can get pregnant and have kittens up to three times a year, leading to 100 kittens in her lifetime. Even the most well-funded associations can’t keep up with that!

The Threat to Others

Homeless animals can carry a range of diseases. Pretty much everything we vaccinate your animals against! Regular vaccinations are of the utmost importance for your animal. Unfortunately, vaccines don't protect your animal from everything. Dogs and cats can both get sexually transmitted infections, which can seriously affect their health. While spaying or neutering your pet doesn't stop them from attempting to mate with infected animals, it reduces their chances of infection. The association goes both ways -- if you haven't gotten your pet sterilized yet and they have a transmitted illness, they can give that to uninfected wild pets around them.

The Health of Your Pet

Women, did you know that female cats can get uterine infections as well as urinary tract infections? No pet owner would wish that pain upon their animal. Spaying your female cats also reduces their instances of breast tumors. These tumors are cancerous in over 50% of dogs and almost 100% of cats. Those aren't odds you want to gamble with! Cancer affects male pets as well. Getting them neutered reduces their chances of getting testicular cancer. Owners will appreciate that neutering their pets can also prevent prostate problems.

Benefits for The Owner

Having a pet with behavioral issues is no fun. Luckily, getting your pet sterilized can help with that on a few different levels. First, spaying your female cats prevents them from going into heat. Heat involves a lot of cleanups for cat owners and a lot of yowling on the part of the cat. Male dogs are less likely to run away or roam once they've been neutered, as it reduces their urge to reproduce. Finally, owners of both cats and dogs can benefit from better-behaved animals, as sterilizing can reduce marking and humping behaviors.

Pet Spay Neuter Services

As you can see, sterilizing your animal as soon as possible is the best choice for everyone involved. It improves the livelihood of your pet, helps pet shelters, and makes your life easier. Our clinic does spay pet, neuter pet, and sterilize pet services regularly. If you have a still-intact pet or a young puppy, bring them into the clinic to schedule their spay neuter service today!