Pet owners frequently disregarded the importance of maintaining good dental health for pets. Although one of the simplest and most telling signs of oral disease is bad breath, some pet owners mistakenly assume that this is a natural occurrence in animals. This lack of awareness can, unfortunately cause the issue at hand to be left untreated.

To help pet owners in Calgary stay informed about good dental health practices for their beloved pets, the Silverado Veterinary Hospital has compiled some useful information and tips here. We also invite you to visit our website to learn more about our pet dental health services in Calgary.

Pet Dental Diseases

Poor dental care can affect your pet’s health in several ways, often leading to dental diseases. The teeth, gums, and supporting structures surrounding your pet's teeth can be impacted by dental or periodontal disease. What starts as a mere plaque buildup on the teeth can quickly harden to tartar with the accumulation of bacteria and food deposits. Once the tartar spreads under the gumline, it can cause inflammation and eventually lead to a dental infection.

The bacteria residing within the plaque and tartar also has the potential to infiltrate the bloodstream and disseminate throughout the animal’s vital organs, such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. This process is known as bacteremia and can cause further health complications for your beloved pet.

Symptoms of Dental Disease in Pets

If the unpleasant smell emanating from your pet's breath causes you to instinctively pull away, it is a clear indication that it is time to pursue proper dental care. Severe dental disease can also cause significant discomfort and oral pain for your pets. If the supporting structures of your pet's teeth become infected, tooth loss may also occur. It is, therefore important to remain vigilant and watch for these unmistakable indicators.

Symptoms of dental diseases in pets may include:

  • halitosis
  • the presence of discolored deposits on the teeth
  • gum bleeding
  • changes in chewing habits
  • excessive drooling
  • tooth loss

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Ways to Improve Your Pet’s Dental Health

1. Dental Cleaning

To maintain your pet’s good dental health, it is important to arrange for a veterinary team to perform a thorough dental cleaning. This procedure, which necessitates the use of general anesthesia, involves meticulously cleaning every nook and cranny of your pet's mouth, including areas above and below the gum line.

2. Proper Nutrition

We encourage you to discuss with a veterinarian to ensure that your pet receives adequate nutrition. Your pet’s veterinarian has the expertise to provide tailored dietary recommendations based on your pet's individual needs.

3. Adopting Proper Oral Hygiene Habits

Although this may take some time and patience on your part, an excellent way to prevent the occurrence of dental diseases is to regularly brush your pet's teeth.

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