To better care for our pets, it is important to be able to identify the onset of their senior years. This can be characterised by changes in their vitality, movement, and demeanor, as well as by the emergence of grey fur on their bodies.

To help you better understand and prepare for your beloved pet’s senior years, Silverado Veterinary Hospital has compiled some information about proper senior pet care here. Based in Calgary, we also help pet owners with a wide range of medical issues affecting pets through our pet care services.

Health Challenges Faced by Senior Pets

Here are some common health issues that pets may face as they enter their senior years:

  • Mobility issues and arthritis
  • Dental diseases
  • Weight gain and obesity
  • Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS)
  • Chronic kidney disease

How to Improve Your Senior Pet’s Comfort

To account for your pet’s diminished mobility, especially if they have developed arthritis, it is important to make their physical environment more accessible. This can easily be achieved with ramps and steps. Likewise, it is important to modify your pet’s daily exercise routine to suit their changing bodies and physical abilities. This can be done by implementing low-impact exercises and shortening their daily walks.

It is also important to make your pet feel less lonely and properly mentally stimulated. You can easily do this by spending more quality time with your pet. You can also invest in engaging and interactive toys for your pets.

It is also recommended that you schedule more routine check-ups with your veterinarian to efficiently monitor your pet’s health. Silverado Veterinary Hospital provides several services to improve the quality of life of your pet in Calgary. Contact us to learn more.

Pain Management for Senior Pets

As our pets age, they can develop conditions such as arthritis and joint-related issues. These may in turn cause chronic pain. Common indicators of pain in older pets include changes in their behavior or vital signs. Should this happen, it is important to promptly schedule an appointment with your pet’s veterinarian to learn about effective methods that you can implement to alleviate your pet’s pain and discomfort.

Adequate Nutrition for Proper Senior Pet Care

Senior pets experience a decrease in metabolic rate, diminished muscle mass, and issues with their joints. With the right diet, your pet can continue to enjoy good health and vitality even in their senior years.

  • An increase in the animal’s intake of protein can help with muscle mass.
  • A higher fibre intake is also good for healthy digestion.
  • Foods rich in glucosamine and chondroitin can be beneficial for joint-related health issues.
  • Senior-specific kibbles are not only gentle on the stomach of pets, but they are also an easy way of introducing more nutrients into their diet.
  • Proper hydration and water intake are also essential for your senior pet’s care.

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