Thousands of pets do not receive the care they deserve in Canada due to overflowing shelters. Spaying and neutering your dogs is the responsible thing to do as a pet owner, but you also need to know how to take care of your spayed or neutered dog. In the same way, you need to take precautions after surgery and require recovery time, and so does your dog. You need to properly take care of your dog after its surgery if you want its recovery to be as painless as possible. So keep reading to find out how to take care of your neutered or spayed dog after their procedure.

Recovery From Spay and Neuter Surgery

Getting your pet sterilized is a common procedure that doesn't involve much risk. After your dog's surgery, your vet will give you guidelines you need to follow. These guidelines are to help your pet recover quickly and comfortably.

You'll be asked to keep your dog inside and away from other animals while they recover. You don't want your dog running around or tumbling with your other pets while they still have a wound on them.

Another guideline is to use a cone to prevent your dog from licking or irritating the incision. If left unattended, your dog might pull out their stitches or cause the incision to become infected.

You need to check the incision every day to make sure it is healing properly. Dealing with a surgical incision on a dog is similar to dealing with one on a human. If you see any redness or swelling, or any other signs that the wound might be infected, you should contact your vet as soon as possible.

After the surgery, you shouldn't bathe your dog for a few days. Bathing your dog will get the incision wet, and any dirt trapped in their fur can settle on the wound.

You also need to discuss pain management with your vet. While medication might not always be needed, it's better to have it on hand if your pet suddenly shows signs of being in pain at home.

If your dog is showing signs of discomfort, lethargy, or disinterest in food or dog treats, you should contact your vet. A good sign that your dog is recovering well is if they're energetic enough to play after a few days. If your dog has the energy to play, it shows you that they aren't too uncomfortable and in too much pain.

Know How to Take Care of Your Spayed or Neutered Dog

Sterilizing your pet as soon as possible is the best thing you can do as a pet owner. Not only will a spayed or neutered dog experience fewer health problems, but you'll also be helping reduce the number of homeless pets roaming around. All it takes is your unsterilized pet getting outside for a brief moment to end up with a whole litter of problems.

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