With 77% of Canadian households owning at least one pet, it makes sense that we're desperate to find credible vets in our local area. If you're struggling in your search, you've come to the right place. Here's everything you need to know about finding a great vet in South Calgary.

Get Recommendations

Before you Google "vet South Calgary", it's important to tap into your network. Ask fellow pet owners if they know an available veterinarian because they'll give you honest feedback. If you don't have any leads, contact breed club members to get a list of vets who understand your type of pet inside-out.

Consider Your Location

Ideally, you want to find a local vet clinic. Not only will it save you a huge amount of travel time, but it means you can easily drop off your pet if they need emergency care. With this in mind, our clinic offers that service for your peace of mind.

Check Professional Qualifications

As pet health is paramount, reputable vets will have the necessary qualifications and certifications. You should also ask about affiliations because it shows that the clinic is regulated and offers quality service. For instance, our vets at Silverado Veterinary Hospital are affiliated with the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, which shows they are fully licenced and hire quality staff.

Visit Local Pet Clinic

To get a better idea of the clinic, visit a vet in South Calgary and have a look around. Most vets will be happy to show you their facilities and give you a breakdown of their services. You should also factor in how the team handles animals and imagine whether your pet would be comfortable there.

Ask the Vet Questions

All owners want a happy pet, so come equipped with questions for veterinary staff on your visit. It's important to keep your pet's breed and age in mind as it'll give the team a better idea of what immediate care your pet needs. You should also ask basic questions, such as whether the vet clinic accepts walk-ins and if they take your pet's insurance. If you haven't already, ask the vet clinic about fees. Spend time shopping around and comparing charges to understand the costs.

Find a Vet in South Calgary Today

Now you know what to look for, it's time to search for a vet in South Calgary. At Silverado Veterinary Hospital, we take a holistic approach as well and provide first-class care to your furry friends. As we stay up-to-date on veterinary trends, you're guaranteed peace of mind on your visit. Does your pet need a check-up? Call Silverado Veterinary Hospital to speak to our team and book an appointment.